As you may know, this is the final installment in the legendary (not) Mr. T vs. Megatron Trilogy. A lot of people (me) worked long and hard to make them, and a lot of pictures were stolen from various sites on the web. To give credit where credit is due, here are the CREDITS for the


Here's who provided the pictures, sounds, etc.:

Mr. T stuff from:
The Mr. T Resource Archive - The page no T webmaster can do without.

The Mr. T Shrine - The authoratative Mr. T site. Got my T sounds from there. Transformers-related pics (Megatron, Galvatron, Optimus Prime, Unicron, etc.) from:
The Transformers Archive - It's back! The ultimate site for TF pictures and sounds.
CHARR: The Decepticon Domain - THE Decepticon site for pictures. The Archive doesn't even have these. Most of the Galvatron pics came from here.
Blue Fox's Lair - Home of the Optimus Prime Archive. Guess which pictures came from there...
Prowl's Homepage of Death - I got a sound or two from here. It's my Transformers site, so I can steal whatever I please.
Megatron's Dominion - Provided just about everything for the original T vs. Megatron. Most of the site has been taken down, but it's still pretty cool.
Razormoon's Grin-at-Starscream Site - Has an almost diabolical devotin to Starscream. Kinda scary. Otherwise, a darn good site.

Anthrax related pictures from:
The Anthrax Madhouse - The ultimate Anthrax website.
The official Anthrax Page at Ignition Records - Volume 8 poster art came from here.

Jesse Ventura pics from: - The best Jesse site out there. The guy who runs it says a lot more pictures are coming soon.

Metallica photos from:
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters - Also has the whole "ultimate site" thing going for the band.

Undertaker and Kane pictures from: - The official site of the Man from the Darkside. Scary, man...
The Crypt of Kane and the Undertaker - Formerly known as the Crypt of the Undertaker and good as the official site, maybe better.
Demon from Hell - The beast Kane site I've ever seen. Scariest title, too... The picture of Newman getting thrown used Paul Bearer's body from a picture here.

Pissants picture from:
The Official Pissants Home Page - In case you were wondering, it was the guy with the guitar who had his butt hanging out. Speed metal pretending to be punk since 1994!

Jay & Silent Bob (a.k.a. Bluntman & Chronic) pics from: - The official site for all those Kevin Smith movies you kids love so much. Every Clerks, Mallrats, or Chasing Amy site has pictures stolen from here, and there's a good reason.

Newman Pictures from:
Gotta Love the Sein - Excellent Seinfeld site. One of the best.