Links to the toughest pages in the world

My Favorite General T Pages:

Mr. T vs. Everything! - The ULTIMATE Mr. T links page. Every T site known to man, as well as a message board, Windows desktop theme, and weekly songs from the "Mr. T's Commandments" album. Coolness.

The Mr. T Resource Archive - The biggest source of Mr. T pictures imaginable... There would be very few Mr. T pages, had it not been for this one.

The Mr. T Jibba-Jabba Archive - Over 200 Mr. T sounds, courtesy of the same guy who gave us the Resource Archive. I don't have to tell you how cool that is.

The Authoritative Mr. T Page - A sound archive that rivals the one in the Jibba-Jabba Archive, many pictures no one else has, and movie clips from Mr. T wrestling career. Authoritative, indeed. Formerly known as the Mr. T Shrine.

Yet Another Mr. T Page - One of the best new pages to come out in a while. A new feature here, as the makers of this page have interviews with some of the more influential figures in the "Mr. T vs. X" field. Also, some pretty cool Mr. T vs. pages. Overall, pretty darn cool, and helluva tough.

Mr. T: The Games - The reason they invented Java. See Mr. T take on (and blow up) cartoon characters, talk show hosts, and figures from the Clinton Scandal. Yes.

Mr. T's Be somebody, or Be Somebody's Fool - Dedicated to the greatest educational video of all time. Huge sound archive.

Mr. T Galaxy - Serious about the T. Includes Real Video of T's appearance on Howard Stern, as well as the A Team game for the Atari 2600. Also has hosted one T vs. site that got kicked off a crappy, corporate server.

The Toughest Man in the World - One of the greatest films of all time. Another site with a large sound archive, which is something I love.

My Favorite Mr. T vs. X sites:

Mr. T vs. Army of Darkness - Just when you thought all the new T vs. pages coming out were crap, out comes the page some have called the greatest of all time.

Mr. T vs. David Nimmo - Once upon a time, some egomaniacal turd decided to make two sites where he not only defeated, but humiliated the Mighty T. Now, we have the TRUE story of what happened. That nimmo fool has got some wierd legs...

Mr. T vs. The Chicago Bears - As a rabid Bears fan and therefore a severe Packer-hater, it would seem as though I'd HATE this page... But since this is the page that first introduced me to the bizarre world of T vs. X, it's pretty cool. Based loosely on a true story.

Mr. T vs. Heavy Gear - You know, I've never played or heard much about the game Heavy Gear, yet I love this page. It's just that good.

Mr T vs. Resident Evil - Once again, I'm not that familiar with the subject, but it's still one of my favorites.

Mr. T vs. Santa Claus - Possibly the most innovative T page of all time, as it was the first to use the frame-by-frame Java applet, and the entire page is sung to the tune of "'The Night Before Christmas." Also, the added difficulty of finding a non-obscene word that rhymed with "sucka," but that's another story...

I'm updating my links soon, so look for this page to change a lot soon...