Filename Size Description Source(s)
openmegt.wav 114K Opening sound from Mr. T vs. Megatron Authoritative Mr. T Page, The Transformers Archive
clerkopening.wav 34.8K Opening from Mr. T vs. Clerks Authoritative Mr. T Page, The View Askew-niverse
tvscron.wav 46.8K Opening sound from Mr. T vs. Unicron Authoritative T Page, Unicron part is original
tvst.wav 10.8K Opening sound from Mr. T vs. Bizarro T Shortened from clip at Authoritative Mr. T Page
tvsgalvatron.wav 37.8K Opening sound from Mr. T vs. Galvatron Jibba Jabba Archive, Transformers Archive
tgalanger.wav 126K T vs. Galvatron sound 2 " "
tgalfrustrate.wav 25.1K T vs. Galvatron sound 3 " "
tgaldirt.wav 32.8K T vs. Galvatron sound 4 " "
tgalnothing.wav 32.3K T vs. Galvatron sound 5 Transformers Archive, T part is original
tgalscream.wav 26.9K T vs. Galvatron sound 6 Transformers Archive, Be Somebody, or Be Somebody's Fool
ttaker.wav 64.4K New opening sound from T vs. The Undertaker T part is original, Undertaker from
tmet.wav 34.7K Opening sound from Mr. T vs. Metallica Jibba Jabba Archive, Metallica recorded off a (really crappy) CD
anThrax.wav 39K New opening sound from Mr. T vs. Anthrax. T part from Jibba Jabba Archive, Scott Ian (I think) part from The Anthrax Madhouse
balboa_no_challenge.wav 35.0K "I reject the challenge, because Balboa is no challenge!" Original. Recorded from Rocky III
more_than_happy.wav 22.0K "I would be more than happy to beat up on him some more." Same as above.
pain.wav 88.3K Clubber Lang makes a prediction Same as above. A similar clip appears on other pages, but this is longer.
pity.wav 9.11K THE ULTIMATE MR. T SOUND. "I pity da fooh." Original. Recorded from Rocky III.
t_most_famous_line.wav 72.7K Longer version of above clip. "No, I don't hate Balboa. But I pity da fooh, and I will destroy any man who tries to take what I got." Same as above.
t_crucify.wav 37.7K "I'm gonna torture him, I'm gonna crucify him real bad." Same as above.
t_nothing.wav   "Always said he was nothing." Same as above
whatchudoin.wav 18.7K "Whatchu doin, sucka?" Original, recorded from clip shown on Mr. T special on E.
welfare.wav 101K Mr. T talks about how his mother made ends meet. Same as above
TR3commercial.wav 172K Mr. T's commercial for TR3 car polish. Same as above
tim_pity.wav 117K Saturday Night Live clip where Tim Meadows uses Mr. T's famous line. Original, recorded from an episode of Saturday Night Live.
simpsons.wav 191K Clip from an episode of the Simpsons where a comedian talks about T Original, recorded from the "sexual harrassment" episode of The Simpsons
panTera.wav 47.0K Opening sound from Mr. T vs. Pantera page that I never actually got around to making Jibba Jabba Archive, Pantera part recorded from CD
galvatron_eats_dirt.wav 64.8K Unused sound from Mr. T vs. Galvatron Toughest Man in the World, Galvatron part is original