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Weenie little MTV-loving fake Metallica fans have hated me since Siteflow went out of business and killed my counter...

"F--- MTV! We'll never do a video!" - Lars Ulrich, 1986

"If you've come to see makeup and stretch pants and hear the words 'ooh baby' in every song, you came to the wrong place." - James Hetfield, 1985

...Oh how things have changed.

It is the year 2001. Having recently been elected the President of the United States by over 78% of the population, President Jesse "The Body" Ventura begins to work on the problems that have arisen in our country over the past 50 or so years of neglect.

And of course the public had their opinions of what sucked. One of the major sources of complaint came from the former heavy metal band Metallica...

With hostilities already rising, things were made no better by the band's latest album of cover songs:

Soon, this would cause the nation to teeter on the brink of total chaos and anarchy. Being the quick thinker that he is, President Body formulated the perfect solution...

And we all know who that man is...

Interesting...Go to part 2.

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