It is the year 2000. Dwight Schultz, a.k.a. TV's H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock, is missing. In order to find the beloved actor, Robert Vaughn has enlisted the help of the only man capable of doing the job. The one, the only... Mr. T.

Of course...

Vaughn: No, Mr. T... The S.O.D... A ruthless organization bent on spreading chaos and evil, through the use of fear, intimidation, and really cool heavy metal albums. Their leader is the mysterious Sargent D. As one of the undead, he possesses immense power, and has been linked to several tragic events in history, including the assassination of JFK, the Hindenberg disaster, and that annoying song Celine Dion made for "Titanic." His goal is to enslave all the souls of Earth to do his bidding.

Mr. T: This G.O.P. sounds like bad news, man.
Vaughn: Um... That's S.O.D., Mr. T.
MR. T:
Yeah, whatever.


The Ballad of George Peppard