Mr. T Desktop Theme for Windows 98

preview image
(preview image created by Desktop Themes program included with theme)

For your desktop viewing enjoyment: A theme complete with icons, colors, and sounds starring the One and Only Mr. T! As a special bonus, it also includes the Desktop Themes program, found at that I used to make and install the theme. Download the New Mr. T Desktop Theme today! (870KB ZIP file) If you don't have anything that can uncompress .zip files, get WinZip today. Unregistered shareware rules.

Note: This theme hasn't been thoroughly tested, so please report any major problems to me at Also, if anyone knows where I can find a DECENT military-style font (like the one from the A Team opening credits), you can tell me that, too.

As with pretty much everything web-based that mentions Mr. T, the images and sounds for the Mr. T Theme came from The Mr. T Resource Archive and the Mr. T Jibba-Jabba Archive, two sites which no human being can live without.