Meanwhile, Mr. T and his men make their way to the secret S.O.D. headquarters...

But all of a sudden, our heroes reach a roadblock - It's S.O.D.!!

Hayes: Hey, man... Isn't it kinda crazy how they managed to be in this exact spot right as we came up?
Dio: Dude! You're doing it again! That is not cool!
Mr. T:
Shut up, fooh! Let's get them A.S.P.C.A. suckas!

Hey, Issac Hayes! Isn't that former star of the sitcoms Unhappily Ever After and Norm, Nikki Cox, over there? I think she wants you, dude!

Billy: Hahaha! Issac Hayes just left to go make sweet love to Nikki Cox down by the fire! You're outnumbered, Mr. T!
Hey, have you guys heard about my new band, Hemlock?...